Robotic Systems Bag Palletisation
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Robotic Systems Bag Palletisation

Robotic Bag Palletising System

All our Robotic Palletising Systems use only New Robots, we do not use any units that are refurbished.

Our systems offer high performance in terms of speed, accuracy, repeatability and flexibility with a reduced footprint, large work area and highly precise movements and positioning. Reliable, trouble-free maintenance and low-cost servicing. User friendly controls. Designed and built by the Agrimech Engineering team. 

Suitable for all types of sacks and bales in any configuration or format.

For a wide range of products including potatoes, onions, animal feeds, powders and aggregates.

Key Features

  • Capacity of 15 tonnes per hour (25kg paper sacks)
  • Large HMI touch screen control, easy to program and operate
  • Ergonomic design of gripper head to reduce risk of jamming
  • Safety guarding and safety light protection system
  • Gentle handling of product, smooth, controlled movements
  • Compact dimensions, small footprint
  • New units only, no refurbishments

Our software brings your Machine to life. Developed in house Magma is designed to give you the latest innovations in machinery automation.


Link your machine to the outside world and let us download, check, diagnose and amend software on your Agrimech machinery.


Take advantage of our award winning support and after-sales service plans; created by us to care for you when you need us most.


Packaging Types

For use with all types of sacks and bales



32 Amp, 3-Phase, neutral and earth


Cool clean, dry air at a minimum of 8 bar (116PSI)


Dependant on palletising system requirements 


The Robotic System comes with a 12 month part and labour warranty 


Remote Engineer installed for communication via Ethernet link to support Engineer / Conveyor Systems Roller Track system for product management / Vision system for product detection

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