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What is Agri Care?

Agri Care is our series of specially designed service plans, created to ensure your machinery stays fully optimised. At its core our plans cover weighers, stitching systems, bag placers, palletisers and robot systems. Bespoke options are also available on request.

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Why Agri Care?

We pride ourselves on offering our customers an outstanding level of customer service and our Agri Care service plans will further boost our award-winning customer experience.

Our dedicated Field Service team will contact you in advance to book the annual service of your machinery. All Agrimech machinery has been designed and built to ensure durability, strength and longevity. Agri Care annual service is the best way to get optimum performance from your machinery.

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Care when you need it

Fixed Service Costs

Staff Training

Software updates



A regular annual service of your machinery ensuring optimum performance

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5% discount on all parts used during machinery repair, breakdowns or parts supplied


Software updates


One Staff Training visit per year included

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Fixed Service Costs inclusive of travel to site


Extended Warranty Options available for all Agri Care Subscribers

Request further information

To see how Agri Care can help you and your machinery and to request a quote please use the contact form below.

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