At Agrimech, our unofficial motto is ‘service before sales’ – and we mean it.

The quality of support and care that customers receive after purchasing Agrimech equipment matters to us as much as the quality of the machines themselves – all of which are designed, built and maintained by our own staff.

Not only do we aim to supply the best quality equipment, we aim to provide the best quality after-sales service, a claim backed up by Agrimech having won numerous national customer care awards.

When it comes to our products, no-one knows them like we do, as we make them, and that same level of insight and expertise also runs through the support services we supply to customers. All our staff in every part of the company are trained to understand the machinery that we supply.

From initial design to finished product, every aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen by our own in-house staff, and our machinery is made out of stainless steel, to ensure it meets the very highest and strongest standards.

We aim for our machines to be the best they can possibly be, and for our customers’ after sales experience to be of a similarly high standard. At Agrimech, the customer relationship does not end when a machine is purchased. In fact, that is just the start.

Agrimech Engineer working on Machinery

Manufacturing Process

Highest Quality

Built to the highest quality standard

Agrimech is a leading UK manufacturer of End of Line Weighing, Bagging, Placing and Palletising Systems for a wide range of products.

Our machinery range is designed and built at our premises, including all electrical wiring and control programming. This allows us to offer both standard and bespoke solutions to our customers.

All machinery supplied by Agrimech is supported by their Field Service Engineers, ensuring a dedicated service to their customers.

All of our staff play a vital role in the design and build of our machinery, their passion and dedication ensures that our machinery is built to the highest quality standard.

Our systems are designed and built at our premises, including all electrical wiring and control programming.

Complete Control

From conception to the finished product

Our aim is to design and manufacture a quality product that is reliable, easy to use and strong enough for the environment its working in, whilst offering low cost maintenance and labour saving efficiencies.

We achieve that aim by manufacturing all our products in stainless steel ensuring durability, strength and longevity.

Standardising component parts across our range and sourcing them from suppliers, who share our high quality aims and guarantee continuity of supply.

From conception to the finished product, Agrimech’s Engineering team takes complete control of the manufacturing process.

Agrimech Office


Headed by Belinda and Darren Smith, Agrimech has a family-focused, tight-knit team which focuses on doing the right thing.

The company's next generation of leaders is taking an increasingly prominent role, and all of them have come up through the company and fully understand how and why the company operates.

Customer service has always been prioritised over sales.

The best marketing is from our customers who get what they need and the investment in customer care pays dividends, with repeat business being the highest tribute.

Regular meetings keeps the team updated with any issues and developments, and all staff are trained to fully understand how all products work, so whoever you are dealing with, you are talking to an expert.

Agrimech Engineer Working


For more than a decade, Agrimech’s high-quality machinery and outstanding customer service have been winning admirers and positive reviews, and the company’s 10th birthday coincided with its highest recognition yet, winning an award at the BP2019 National Potato Industry awards in Harrogate. 

Former Liverpool and England footballer Kevin Keegan, a man who knows all about winning himself, presented us with the trophy in the machinery category at the awards which, every two years, draw together everyone working across the agricultural production sector. 

It was not the first award the company has won, with several already received for customer service and support, but this was by far the biggest and most prestigious yet, and the perfect way to round off the company’s first decade, particularly when we saw how highly praised we had been by the people who nominated us. 

“It has been a pleasure buying this equipment from a company who care, constantly seeking the best and always with you in the event of a problem,” was one of the customer testimonials. 

Between them, company founders Darren and Belinda Smith have almost 50 years of experience in industry, Darren spent more than two decades working as a service engineer, while Belinda was brought up in the family vegetable supply company, so Agrimech customers can rest easy in the knowledge they are dealing with people who know every aspect of the business.

At Agrimech, everything is a team effort – working, sharing ideas, and staying in close touch with customers after purchase, to maintain those strong ties – so this award was something earned and deserved by everyone involved with the products at every stage of the building, purchase and after-sales process. 

Our approach has always been service before sales, and that our relationship with customers is only just beginning when they walk away with one of our products. 

Everyone at Agrimech takes pride in the way the company has been built up on a foundation of quality products and quality service, and we aim to keep that at the core of all we do. Such high-profile recognition of this from our professional peers was something that we can all celebrate. 

Through the award-winning hard work of all the team, the Agrimech bar has been set high. We aim to keep it there for many years to come. 

Agrimech Engineer Welding


At present we do not have any vacancies but as an expanding company we would be happy to consider all cv’s for all positions.

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