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Introducing Agri Link

Remote support when you need it

Last year ended on a high for our company as we won the machinery category at the National Potato Industry awards at the year’s big trade event, BP2019 in Harrogate, and six months on, we are still feeling the benefits of that victory.

The reputation of our company and our products is something that matters hugely to all of us at Agrimech, so to have had it endorsed by our fellow professionals in such a public way is something that makes us feel all the hard work put in by every member of the team has been worth it. Months after Harrogate, that award is still something that is bringing us new inquiries and new business, and that people want to talk about. Reliability, quality and integrity matter. 

These are the reasons our products and our company won this award, and others before it, and these are the reasons people want to buy Agrimech products and have a relationship with our company.

In the current situation, more than ever, trust matters, and when customers engage with us, they know they can count on us – which is why we have created our Agri Link support service, allowing our staff to provide technical support remotely.

Agri Link was in existence long before anyone had heard of social distancing, but it has come to the fore in the current exceptional times. Agri Link is a solution that, now more than ever, makes good sense for all involved.

Our research has shown that 91 percent of the callouts we receive are down to simple issues of machinery setting changes, user error or lack of training, which can easily be resolved without the time, expense and pollution of someone needing to make a callout in person. 

Agri Link users pay an annual subscription and can book engineering time in 15 minute blocks, so the service saves everyone time and money, and gets customers back in business as quickly as possible, which is what we and they want. Satisfied customers using our products to their best advantage, as much as they can. And if it is a parts issue, we can use Agri Link to diagnose the problem and make sure the right equipment is sent, again without the need for a physical visit.

Wherever Agrimech customers are in the world, in whatever situation, with Agri Link, they can be within reach, and can count on us to deal with any questions or technical challenges that they have. 

When you buy an Agrimech product, you get more than just a piece of machinery – you get a lasting link to the company. Agri Link just reinforces that.

This is the kind of service that builds trust, wins respect, and earns awards. We are proud that people trust us. We are proud people respect us. And we are proud that people have seen fit to give us awards. But we are not resting on our laurels, we want to keep our standards high and make sure Agrimech continues to get known by a wider audience, spread by satisfied, happy customers.

Introducing Agri Link
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