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Why our palletising system may be the answer to many a farmer’s prayers

On-going Brexit uncertainties could lead to huge challenges to agriculture

On-going Brexit uncertainties present challenges to many industries, and few more so than agriculture, where the possibility of a major shortage of fruit and vegetable pickers could have a huge impact.

But we may have the automated answer to many a farmer’s prayers with their Titan palletising system. Launched in 2017, the Titan is the first UK-produced mass-market palletising system, manufactured, supplied and supported by Agrimech, and offers many features which make it the market leader.

Favouring a bag-forming gripper head over the usual finger-style, which reduces the chances of bag damage, the stainless steel Titan has an easy-to-use touchscreen system. It can stack to a height of over two metres and has a capacity of 15 tonnes per hour.

Agrimech’s in-house team of support engineers means clients can count on award-winning customer service, and the Titan helps Agrimech to supply a complete end-of-line automated bagging process.

Combined with the Hydra, the first British-made multi-headed weighing system, launched at the start of the year to coincide with Agrimech’s 10th birthday, the Titan demonstrates just why Agrimech have won so many admirers and built such a strong reputation amongst customers and fellow agriculture industry professionals alike.

Why our palletising system may be the answer to many a farmer’s prayers
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