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What did winning a Fenland Business Award mean for Agrimech?

We also explore the challenges we face and our future plans in a special Q&A with the Fenland Business Awards

What has happened at Agrimech since winning the Business of the Year Award in 2018?

Since winning the award last year, we have continued to prioritise customer service and are pleased to say we went on to win further prestigious industry awards which have added to our growing collection. We have also recently launched a fantastic new product, the Hydra, which is a multi-headed weighing device, and the first one of its type made in this country. It has been really-well received and we are looking forward to continuing to develop innovative industry solutions. This year is our tenth anniversary and we have plenty to look forward to.

What have been the company’s main challenges in 2018/19?

In terms of biggest challenges over the last year, we have not had to face anything major, fortunately, other than launching an entirely new product, which is always going to be a milestone for any company. But our hard work is paying off and we are delighted with how it is going. There are always challenges in business, but we have an outstanding team and work through any issues together.

What has been your biggest success in 2018/19?

Our biggest success since winning last year has been the continued support and appreciation of our customers and the dedication of our team. It’s difficult to highlight a particular moment, but winning three awards at last year’s Fenland Enterprise Business event was certainly a fantastic achievement. We also won the Best Progressive SME in the Manufacturing MX awards and the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association Awards earlier this year - it’s been a successful year.

What are Agrimech plans for 2019 and beyond?

Looking to both the immediate and long term future; no business can afford to stand still, and we are no different. We have some exciting new ideas in the pipeline, particularly in terms of ensuring our customer service continues to be at the heart of everything we do. Looking after people, those who work for us and those who are our customers, is crucial and is the foundation on which we build our reputation. We are all looking forward to another great year for Agrimech.

What did winning the awards mean to you and what would you say to businesses thinking about entering the Fenland Business Awards for the first time?

Our advice to anyone thinking of taking part in the awards would be if you are thinking of entering, but haven’t quite got round to it - don’t delay. It’s a lovely thing to be a part of and, aside from a brilliant ceremony, it’s the perfect chance to meet other local businesses who share the same aspirations and face the same problems that we all have.

What did winning a Fenland Business Award mean for Agrimech?
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