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Scott Oldroyd & Co

Saving Time with Agrimech

We installed a Themis, Retribution ABC and Nemesis Bag placer to Scott Oldroyd and Co in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire. Now they run much quicker and more effectively than they did before.

Scott Oldroyd & Co


Scott Oldroyd & Co takes full advantage of our machinery range by utilising the Themis, Retribution ABc and Nemesis Bag Placer. Our machinery is designed to seamlessly integrate with one another making sure that lines remain efficient and productive.

This particular solution weighs, stitches and places bags for the customer.


By utilising the latest in Agrimech Machinery Scott Oldroyd & Co have managed to save over 2 hours of production time per lorry load! This kind of efficiency is what we strive for to  make sure our customers remain efficient at all times.

Using the Agrimech Retribution ABC and Themis Weigher combination we have saved over 2 hours of production time per lorry load.
Jonathan Quail - Scott Oldroyd & Co
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