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R&H Broster & Sons

Modernising R&H Broster & Sons

At Agrimech we pride ourselves on offering the best in machinery for our customers. Combined with our expert knowledge of handing produce see how a Retribution ABC stitching line and Robot Bag Palletising System have helped transform this farm.

R&H Broster & Sons
The stitching line and robot have made bagging potatoes bearable in a difficult year. The equipment from Agrimech has been cleverly designed by a team who understand potatoes and the environment they are grown and packed in. I can honestly say that the equipment has been exceptional value for money and helped us increase productivity without increasing labour costs. The robot is never late and doesn't complain; bad backs are a thing of the past - We now have to go the gym though!
Richard Broster

Our Pleasure

We have been truly humbled by the kind words of R&H Broster & Sons. It is a testament to our team who work endlessly to ensure our customers remain operational when they need us most.

It has been a pleausre buying this equipment from a company who care, constantly seeking the best and always with you in the event of a problem. Agrimech will always be seeking to improve the potato handling industry but I think the Robot and stitcher are as good as can be made at an affordable price.
R&H Broster & Sons
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