Light duty sack Stitching System.

Constructed in stainless steel for durability, strength and longevity.

Reliable, trouble free maintenance and low cost servicing. User friendly controls. Designed and built by the Agrimech Engineering team.

Suitable for a variety of packaging formats, paper, plastic, hessian and poly net.

For a range of products including potatoes, onions, animal feeds and powders.


For use with paper, plastic, hessian and poly banded net.


Electrical: 16 Amp 3 phase
Air: Cool clean, dry air at a minimum of 7 bar (100PSI)


Width: 2995mm
Height: 1565mm
Depth: 980mm


The Ouroboros comes with a 12 month part and labour warranty.


  • Capacity of 10 25Kg paper sacks per minute (dependant on weigher)
  •  Height adjustable 3 Meter V track or Flat Track
  • Newlong NP7 Stitching Head
  • Standardised components including electrical drive motors.
  • Machine orientation to suit individual requirements
  • Supplied with a bag forming Gripper head
  • Guide belt system to ensure the sacks stay stable and upright on the track.


  • Heat sealing PE or poly packaging
  • Remote Engineer installed for communication via Ethernet link to support Engineer
  • Fischbein Stitching Head
  • Castor Wheels
  • Foot Pedal or Hand Switch
  • Label Application
  • Gripper Head Conversion Kit

Ouroboros Information Sheet